Polythene Bags

The uses for poly bags are without limit! If there is a need to protect an item during storage or shipment, Plastic poly bags can supply a poly bag that is right for the job. Lighter density poly bags are good for items that are not heavy and only need a simple shield from their surroundings. Heavy density poly bags keep goods safe from harm in more abusive areas where dirt, moisture, and movement are factors that could damage your goods. We offer a wide range of plastic bags that include flat poly bags, gusseted poly bags, reclosable poly bag, and poly tubing.

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How Plastic Bags are made?

Plastic is a by-product of oil refining. Plastic bags are prilimnary made from polyethylene (also knows as polythene), which comes from oil refineries as small resin pellets.

  1. A machine heats the pellet to about 180 degree C and pulls out from it a long, thin tube of cooling plastic.
  2. A hot bar is dropped on the tube at intervals, melting a line.
  3. Each melted line becomes the bottom of one bag and the top of another.
  4. The sections are cut out and a hole for the bag's handles is stamped in each piece.

Anti-Static Poly Bags

Anti static poly bags are used to control electrostatic discharge. Used by the electronics industry and othera pplications. Static electricity is a major cause of damage to microelectronic components, computers, and manufacturing equipment. Anti static poly bag packaging products include lay flat poly bags, bubble anti static bags, and reclosable bags for electronic components to protect them during shipping, handling, and storage.

Anti-Static Poly Tubing

Anti static poly tubing have the same features that a anti-static bags has but with the advantage of allowing you to mlake your own anti-static poly bags for packaging a wide range of diffrent size and shape items.

Lay Flat Poly Bags

Lay flat poly bags are the most popular type of plastic bags. Almost every type of industry makes use of flat poly bags in one form or another, including agriculture, commerce, baking, landscaping, hospital work, clean room technologies, electronics manufacturing, computer software shipping, mail order businesses, companies, and many others. These flat poly bags must be heat sealed, taped or twist tied for closure.

Flat Poly Bags on a Roll

Lay flat poly bags on a roll are easy to use and dispense. These poly bags are manufactured with an extra strong bottom seal. Again same as the bags but with the advantage of letting you make your on size.

Gusseted Poly Bags

Gusseted poly bags are manufactured with a tubular construction and a durable bottom seal. These poly bags have a gusseted (expandable) sides or bottom, which allows for more fill able space when the bag is opened.

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